Spotting Fake Warhammer

Fake models are becoming more common.

This is not a guide showing where to get fakes or how to make them only spot them

The main problem with fakes is when you are sold them as legitimate and you pay the value of the legitimate version not the recast. This can be 4-5 times more if they are rare items or 2-3 times for forgeworld/gw items

This is also a guide to spotting fakes it is not fool proof just because a model ticks one thing on the lists does not mean it is always a fake, fakes tend to tick 2 or 3 things at a time.

Metal fakes can be almost impossible to spot if a good recaster made them.  Some fast ways of spotting a poor fake.

If they used a professional method of casting and not silicone rubber then spotting a recast is even harder.

  1. Follow the cast line around the model is it uniform, constant and straight. GW made models usaully only have one cast line and it is straight and clean all away around the model including the base tab
  2. Look for two cast lines in the metal if the recaster is lazy there will be two.this is because his mould has copied the original cast line and therer will be a new one made by the recaster's mould
  3. Look for Air bubbles in areas such as between legs, arm pits and detail. unless they use a vacuum chamber or pressure pot then there moulds are more likely to produce models with bubbles in.
  4. Find a good picture of original or even better is to have a legit model and compare the detail, you are looking for loss and missing detail in any area
  5. Looks at the legs and arms in particularly for thin casts, warped or miss shaped areas.
  6. Look at the base tab is it plain or different from what is should be
  7. Is the metal softer, scrape the base tab or bottom of the feet to check this


Resin fakes are much easier to spot as the recasters don’t have access to Forge world resin. It will help if you have Forge world stuff already but they can still be spotted if you don’t.
  1. Look at the colour of the resin does it match pictures of the item some of the older items are yellowish not grey
  2. Look at the resin is it matt or reflective fakes tend to be very reflective
  3. Pick the model up is it similar density to other Forge world and does it feel the same
  4. Look for two or more cast lines in the resin if the recaster is lazy there will be two.
  5. Look for Air bubbles in areas such as between legs, arm pits and detail.
  6. Find a good picture of original and compare the detail, you are looking for loss and missing detail
  7. Look at the legs and arms in particularly for thin casts, warped or miss shaped areas.
  8. Is the model actually resin not a plastic stand in 
  9. Is the resin texture correct, fw resin is smooth and non porous
  10. Is it on the original FW or fine cast spruces or is it attached to homemade spruces.
  11. Is the model supposed to be made from Plastic 
  12. Edges on the models not lining (sometimes forgeworld do miss this on quality checks) 
  13. Quite a lot of forgeworld kits come as part plastic part resin model, for example the Legion Glaive is based on a Baneblade and you get several baneblade spruces used to make up the internal lower part of the tank. Are the parts that should be plastic made from resin?

There is not much you can do before you buy but you can always open a eBay or paypal case. 

  1. You can look at the seller’s location. Russia, China, Singapore and Brazil be very cautious. (however don't assume all seller here are trying to rip you off there will be honest gamers here too)
  2. Look at a seller’s history large numbers of the same model is a warning
  3. Look at the seller’s history if it is private and he sells the same models every week this is a warning to
  4.  look at the item is it a set of 10? When GW sold them was it a set of 10 different models or sold in sets of 5 which are all different. If the sellers item is a set of 10, 20 or more but there is only 3 varieties of models instead of 5 or 10 then that is another indicator. Watch out for models that are rotated or flipped.
  5. Look for constant sale of large sets with no original packing.
  6. Is everything sold primed but never painted?

Russian seller on eBay selling resin casts of plastic items
Resin recast of plastic item
recast, look at base tab and loss of detail v original
Recast, look at base tab
A recast in shiny metal look at base tab and loss of detail on front leg and ball
Russian seller on eBay
 look at the base tab there is a corner of flash were it is poured and there is missing text on the tab
Original copy

 look at the base tabs there is a corner of flash were it is poured and is missing text on tabs

look at the base tabs there is a corner of flash were it is poured and there is poorly detailed text on tabs

Fake resin casts
Gw plastic cannopy
 Another thing to watch out for is with Vehicle recasts, clear canopies are cast in resin not plastic as seen above

 Example of incorrect spruces

 Example of the edge not lining up 

 Space hulk terminators made in resin instead of red plastic


  1. Fakes, when painted up, still look great! WHO CARES?! IT'S WAAAAAAAAY CHEAPER ANYWAY! :P

    1. Ash, classic victimless crime mentality. May YOUR hobby ventures be undercut and undersold. Yeah, a bit po'd, entitlement is a nasty little hobby remaster buyers have stuck up their rears.

    2. Won't someone please think of poor little games workshop??

  2. Indeed they can look good. But some people do care if they get conned out of alot of money and some recasts are really poor and not worth painting.

  3. id rather have the real thing then a shoddy recast :) your doing a good thing here and helping people out who don't know the difference id don't like seeing people being scammed into buying a fake. to be honest there is some good fakes out there and some of your pictures are hard to spot them without help, your doing a good job here babe xxx ;)

  4. yeah hi. I just wanted to say that you really dont need to be cautious abt the models from singapore. Partially is because singapores wargaming community is so small, and people will not go through the trouble of making casts and selling, even less so if they are gonna sell online. Its too much of a hassle for singaporeans. ot only that, getting your hands on the materials to cast in singapore is a ridiculous nuisance as it largely controlled by the customs department here in singapore and lots of resins and casting latexes are not allowed into singapore.

    Just wanna say. So if you buy anything from singapore. Chances are that it will be real. Just saying.

    1. Hello
      Thank you for your comment. While yes there will be honest gamers there and I hope you don’t think imp labelling everyone there as fraudulent thieves I am not same goes for any country i named. ill add a litle note to the page

      While you may not have come across fakes there, I have, 3/6 models that I have had from Singapore were fake. While the quality was pretty good and would pass to most people they were fake. They clearly had two cast lines around the entire model and the base tabs were wrong.

      However a 50% hit/miss rate is much better than that of say Russia. All the models I got from there were fake, kind of asked for it but knowing PayPal will cover you it didn’t really matter.

  5. Hi
    iv just started looking for limited stuff and hopefully i have bought the real deal. I wouldnt have a problem buying fakes if i knew that they where fake when i was buying them. Its the fraud of listing recasts and charging full price that annoys me. If people said hey this models cool but its a recast want a cheap copy, id buy it.

  6. I've been playing and collecting since the early 1990's, and I have gotten more than a few metal models from GW (e.g. in blister packs from a reputable /chapter approved retailer) that had flawed casts or that shiny look to the metal.

    Of course the base tab was never blank, but sometimes the base tab and the slim areas could have wasting and still be legitimate GW miniatures.

    1. I collected in the late 80s and I can tell you some tabs then were blank.I bought all my figures from GW in Birmingham.So they should not be fake

  7. I have been buying Citadel miniatures since the late 80s and I agree that quite often original miniatures had all sorts of flaws. In very few cases they had obvious miscasts. I agree with the original post about the second cast line. I have never seen that one. Same story for the tab, although I seriously mistreat the tabs of my miniatures. When I was younger I used to cut a good part of the tab out because they would not fit easily in the plastic bases.

    Especially for older miniatures it is almost impossible to find them in the original blister. I have always bought a lot of them and to save space at home I tend to take them out of the original box and store them in a more compact way.

    About the resin it might be easier to spot the difference from original FW and recast. The color is not an indicator. I buy miniatures directly from and they often come in sightly different shades of grey. Some items (my experience is with the battlefleet gothic ships and with the vehicle add-on parts) used to be cast in cream colored resin, kind of white/yellowish color.

    All considered it is extremely difficult to be 100% sure that a miniature is a recast unless it is really bad quality. Even more difficult if you try to buy a limited edition or even worse an unreleased miniature.

  8. Any Tips on what you should do if you think you got a fake? Like should you try and contact GW or FW?

  9. Well all that is great, but gw models mostly overpriced as hell. Some china sellers even warn you today if they sell a recast, and, by the way, last fake maulerfiend that i bought was just perfect, but with the half price of original. I always say one thing and get banned everywhere - "an army for a game should not have a price of a real car" =)

  10. I've seen sealed GW blisters with double mold lines on the minis; they are not definitive proof. The minis GW sells are not directly cast from the original green - there is at least one extra step of duplication.