Thursday, 31 January 2013

Black Library diorama - Ciaphas Cain

 Ciaphas Cain
Black Library limited 500
May 2005

Black Library diorama - Blood Angel Captain Leonatos

Blood Angels Captain Leonatos (BloodQuest)
 Black Library limited 1000 

Black Library diorama - Ephrael Stern & Silas Hand

Ephrael Stern and Silas Hand (Daemonifuge)
Black Library limited 1000 

very simple and straight forward parts went together nice and easy, not glued to base for ease of painting

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

wahammer staff gift - Assembling Chaos Knight

Chaos Knight on horse back 54mm 
given to staff
christmas 2003
The chaos knight was abit of a  trick to make. The horse went together pretty well however there will be some green stuff needed around the joins the knight was very tricky the axe and shield needed to be taped to the model till it set.  

wahammer staff gift - Assembling Troll v dwarf

Troll Slayer. Dwarf v Troll 54MM
Given to Staff
christmas 2004

This model was a absolute terror to make the weight of it meant it constantly fell apart while in construction i very nearly got the epoxy resin out for this one. the troll goes together very poorly, the legs where to close to fit into the gaps on the floor and needed bending which was a task in its self because they are so thick. all the joins on the troll will need filling and sculpting to match the pattern the dwarf went togeather nicely (look at last picture at the back join and the hands). i still cant decide if to glue his hair on or not.

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Friday, 25 January 2013

wahammer staff gift - Assembling ogre slave lord braugh

Ogre Slavelord Braugh
Given to UK National Managers
October 2004
For a metal model Braugh and co fit together very very well the joins are neat and line up nice, the good thing about the metal chain is they can be bent into shape to fit. One of the easiest metal model to make ever no pinning or green stuff needed

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

wahammer staff gift - Ogre Slave lord Braugh

I think I will start painting with one of my best and rarest models. it was given to UK national managers in October 2004. not sure how many were made iv seen claims that 88 were made but iv seen a certificate that said number 274 so I reckon 300 is a reasonable figure.