LE numbered models,rogue trader and old limited editions

This section is for the old Le Number editions, Rogue Trader, Necromunda etc and General limited editions before 1991 

 Le 1 Space orc

 Le 2 Imperial Space Marine

Le 3 Gumshoes 1/2

Le 4 Black Dwarf

Le 5 Psycohobbits

Le 6 Space Santa

 Le 7 Machine gun wizard

Le 8 McDeaths Crazed Caledonians

 Le 9 Space Skeleton

Le10 Power Armour Marine

Le 11 Gaint Orc Chief and Bodyguard

 Le 12 Thrud

 Le13 Inconvenienced Dwarf

 Le14 tinman and oxy o'cetylene

 Le 15 Chaos Amazon and The Warlock

 Le 16 Sanity Claws

 Le 17 Chaos Toilet

 Le 18 Blood bowl

 Le   19 Thrud

 Le 20 Complete Adventurer

 Le   21 Up The Wall Crew

 Le 22 Orc Bazooka Crew

 Le 23 Chainsaw Wizard

 Le 24 Sleezy Rider

 Le 25 Dwarf with inferiority complex and saw master

Santa Dwarf

Chaos Santa

Dark Future Santa

Fantasy Zoat


Motley Maniac (Death Jester)

White Dwarf at 90

Christmas Marines

SFD Giant Robots (amusingly small)

White Dwarf Personalities Thrud with Axe

Le 101 Chaos Renegade Marnie

Le102 Traitor Legionnaire

Le 103 Champion of Chaos

Le 104 Thrud Scratching head

Le 1 Hive Bratt Ganger

Le 2 Hive Bratt Ganger

Le 3 Clan Hive Ganger 

Le 4 Space Marine Captain

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