Other Limited edition models

 This page contains a random bunch of Rare or Limited edition items

 Female Catachan
United States

Dragon slayer

Chaplain Cassius
Miss release with combi flamer
No longer rare or limited. 
4th edition he was armed with bolt pistol and was released by accident with a flamer instead of bolt pistol, come 5th edition he was released again with a flamer 
he is only included because i got mine from GW during that period

 Iron Hands Iron Father
limited release

Wulfren 13th company

The Red Gobbo

Necron warrior

Skaven Casualties

The white dwarf

Chaplain Xavier
no longer sold

Rogue Trader Ultramarine Primarch Marneus Calgar

Battle For macragge
not limited but no longer sold

Primarch Leman Russ

Balins Tomb
Subscription to Battle games in Middle earth

Chrome Space marines
Given away as a promotion for buying anything in stores 
White dwarf 30th? 

Chrome Space marines
Given away as a promotion for buying anything in stores 
White dwarf 30th? 

Aenur Sword of Twilight
thousands made

Warhammer 40k Mines, Bombs and Booby Traps

Space hulk 3rd edition
5th september 2009

BLood bowl Thrudd

reclusiam command squad
chaplain, not realy limited but you need to buy the expensive set to get him.

 Mark 1 verteran with power maul
OOP model sought after as it is a unique and pretty cool model

An enormous plasma weapon sitting atop a reinforced pillbox, the Plasma Obliterator is a magnificent piece of Adeptus Mechanicus war technology. The infantry assigned to operate this gun are known to hold their breath in terror every time it discharges, as the sheer power can destroy even the heaviest battle tanks and leave glowing, superheated craters in the hardiest terrain.
Available while stocks last, this is one of the most striking scenery models we’ve ever produced - guaranteed to impress anyone who sees it, and intimidate anyone going up against it. Combine it with the Aquila Strongpoint to create a massive, dramatically powerful piece of scenery that will be the perfect centrepiece of any hard-fought battlefield. Comprising thirty-two pieces, the kit includes rules for using the Plasma Obliterator in games of Warhammer 40,000.

Assassinorum: Execution Force

Assassinorum: Execution Force
Games workshop
Officio Assassinorum 
April 2015
A brand-new boxed game, Assassinorum: Execution Force gives four Imperial Assassins an incredibly important mission - slay Chaos Lord Drask before his dark ritual brings about the end of the Imperium itself! A fast-paced co-operative game for one to four players, it blends stealth, tactics, subtle forward-thinking and outright blazing violence into a fantastic, tense, action-packed experience that is accessible to board game players of any level.
Included in the box are four beautiful, exclusive Imperial Assassin miniatures - the Vindicare Assassin, armed with an Exitus Rifle and pistol, clad in a stealth suit; the Callidus Assassin, wielding a C’tan Phase sword, neural shredder and poison blades; the Eversor Assassin, with Executioner pistol and Neuro Gauntlet and the Culexus Assassin, with his psyk-out grenades. On top of these, you get fifteen Chaos Cultists, three Chaos Space Marines, a Chaos Familiar and a Chaos Space Marine Terminator Sorcerer. All of these can be deployed in games of Warhammer 40,000 - rules for the Assassins are included in White Dwarf 65.
On top of these incredible miniatures, there’s a set of detailed board tiles on heavy card stock, a deck of gorgeous Event Cards, counters for various events in different shapes, sizes and designs and included dice.
This is available while stocks last - given the quality of the game, and that this is the only place to get the Imperial Assassin miniatures deployable in Warhammer 40,000, we don’t expect these stocks to last long at all! Order Assassinorum Execution Force now to avoid missing out.

Apparently the assassins will be released at a later date too

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