Monday, 6 June 2016

Forgeworld - Space marine librarian

 Forgeworld - Space marine librarian 

If you were at Warhammer fest you may have picked up the latest event exclusive Forge World model. With the Forge World Open day coming up, the Forge World studio team decided that one exclusive model isn’t enough, so there’s another one coming! Check it out…
A Space Marine Librarian summoning a daemon? Sounds heretical to me, but it’s a fantastic looking model. Here’s a look at it unpainted, and you can see that there is plenty of fantastic detail in this model.
You’ll be able to get one first at the Forge World Open Day, and then at every event we attend this year. If you have a ticket for the Forge World Open Day, you have until Monday 11th July to place an order for collection at the event with free shipping. Just make sure you’ve selected the UK as your shipping destination and choose the Forge World Open Day from the list of events.

Sunday, 5 June 2016

Busts and Statues - Large Veteran Space marine - staff gift

Busts and Statues 
Large Veteran Space marine 
staff gift for 10 years service

The bronze version is a staff gift given after ten years of working for games workshop

the white version below was on general sale for a while can unpainted and in several parts