Monday, 14 April 2014

Wargame-model-mod - Run about troop transport / light tank

 Run about troop transport / light tank
 Final design of my first vehicle, it would make great terrain or be used as a proxy in 28mm wargames

It has several build options, including 2 track choices, 2 turret choices, 4 gun options, the details such as hatches, doors, turrets/guns, and all the details on the sides are all optional and can be placed as desired.

The tank measures 124mm long 82mm wide and 60mm tall

It comes on 3 Spruces and is my first product to be on spruces due to the amount of small parts

Wargame-model-mod - Shield Generator

 Shield Generator

Wargame-model-mod - Alien Temple

Alien Temple

Wargame-model-mods - Alien Watch tower

Alien Watch tower

Wargame-model-mods - Alien Troop Platform

Alien Troop Platform

Sunday, 13 April 2014

Warhammer Promotion - Web store space marine Captain

Warhammer Promotion
Web store space marine Captain
11th April?-4th may 2014

To promote their new web store there are two web exclusive models

The first one if free with a £60 spend and looks pretty nice, it is modelled on the 1991 Gamesday captain

The second one is obtained by using a code you receive with the first one and costs $30 which probably makes it £20 here in uk

i personally think this one look fantastic

Friday, 4 April 2014

Games Workshop - Void Shield Generator

Void Shield Generator

Game workshops latest limited edition release, limited to 1000, the void shield Generator. The model its self is very detailed and looks very nice built. All the Surfaces are packed with details, there doesn’t seem to be any defects, bubble etc,  

It can be put together with no glue and fits relatively well. It took about 2 minutes to assemble. Not gluing it may make it easy for transport but it will probably scrape the paint off when it is assembled

It said on the website is made from polystone but it seems to be more like resin. The warhammer statues are made from polystone and the material is completely different to this.

via Games Workshop
Void Shield Generator
Own a terrain piece that is truly one of a kind. The Void Shield Generator is limited to just 1000 boxes worldwide! It is the perfect addition to any gaming board so don’t miss this exciting opportunity, order yours today!

The Void Shield Generator can project an invisible bubble of power across a large area of the battlefield. They can shelter troops and strategically vital locations by absorbing or deflecting the energy of incoming munitions.

This 10 piece kit includes: 1 base section, 4 cogs, 4 towers and 1 core piece.

Made from polystone this kit requires assembly and makes a single terrain piece. The special rules for the Void Shield Generator are found in the book Warhammer 40,000: Stronghold Assault.