Limited Edition Glossary

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Army Battleforce Limited Edition Models
Warriors of Redemption Shrine
Bretonnian Archer Stakes
High Elf Waystone
Praetorian Casualties
Tallarn Casualties
Space Marine Captain
Bretonnian General
 Black Templar Captain/Draco
Orc Standard Bearer
Vampire Count Standard Bearer
Dark Elf Standard Bearer
Tau Ethereal
Bilbo Baggins
High Elf Standard Bearer
Skaven Standard Bearer
Necron lord
Chaos Warrior Standard Bearer
Chaos Aspiring Champion
Tomb Kings Standard Bearer
Saurus Army Standard Bearer
Beasts of Chaos Standard Bearer
Cadian Standard Bearer
Bretonnian Standard Bearer
Kordel Shorgaar
Middenheim Army Standard Bearer
Space Marine Veteran Sergeant

Ogre Tyrant
Tyranid Lictor
Wood elf Army Standard Bearer
Dwarf Army Standard Bearer
Tau Ethereal
Vostroyan  Casualties
Orc Shaman
Eldar Autarch
Empire bright Wizard
Dark Angels Company Master
Interrogator Chaplain Seraphicus
Radgast the Brown
Grukk Face-Rippa

Krom Dragongaze
Shield of Baal Captain
Reclusiam chaplain

Strike Force Ultra Captain
Assassinorum: Execution Force
Shadow Captain Solaq
Tau Ethereal Aun’Do

Battle Games of middles earth
Ballins Tomb
gandalf the white
Rohan royal Guard standard
Armoured Faramir
Boromire with sword/shield
Bilbo baggins

Mounted theodred


Necromunda Bounty Hunter Kal Jerico
Blood Angels Captain Leonatos (BloodQuest)
 Malus Darkblade Pawn of Daemons         
The Redeemer

Ephrael Stern and Silas Hand (Daemonifuge)
Uli & Marquand
 Gaunts Ghost
Gaunts Ghost
The Exiles Cloten and Lysander (BloodQuest)
Hellbrandt Grimm
Lone Wolves
Ragnar Blackmane
Uriel Ventris

Inquisitor Eisenhorn
Ciaphas Cain
Gotrek, Felix, Snorri, Max and Ulrika

Ork in Mege Armour
Skaven Plague Priest
Plague Bearer
Skaven Assassin
Necron Lord
Josef Bugman
ork idol
Elf monolith
Ursarkar Creed
Stone Troll

Sergeant Centurius
Emperors Champion
Space Marine Captain
Marco Columbo
Witch Hunter Gideon Lorr
Tzeentch Sorceror on Disk
silver plated 25th anniversary
Gold 30th year white dwarf
 White Dwarf XXX
Harry the Hammer
Crimson Fist marine Captain
Josef Bugman 2003-2008
Josef Bugman 2008-2012
Josef Bugman 2012-
Grumlok and Gazbag
Racing Nob
 Bonnie Annerson
Rogue Demon
Empire GreatSword Champion
Malus Darkblade on Foot
Chaos Marauder Champion
Tau Fire Warrior Shas Ui
Dark Angels Sergeant
High Elf Hero
Captain Dracco
Chaos Sorcerer
Cadian Soldier at Ease
The White Dwarf
Gimli Sitting on Dead Uruk
Valten Exhalted of Sigmar
Wood Elf Hero
Mounted Chaos Sorceror
Invisible Frodo
 Night Goblin with Fanatic
Captain Sicarius
Eldar Bonesinger
 web store Space Marine Sgt
webstore marine captain 1
webstore marine captain 2

30th anniversary marine

Captain centos
Sm terminator capt collectors
Sm Terminator chaplain collectors
Errant Questor

intercessor veteran

primaris cpt w power fist

Eisenhorn 2018 black library
Bugmans banner bearer 2018

getting started with 40k  intercessor



Forge World Limited Edition models
Kroot Bird
Multi Part Epic Space Marines
Adeptus Mechanicus coin
 Scale Las Pistol 1/6th
Games Day Slaan
Imperial Navy Thunderbolt Pilot
Ork Sqwadron Commander
Renegade Ogryn with Victim
 Reaver Titan Princeps
Death Rider Commissar
 Ork Runtbot and Grot
Chaos Ogre
 Mark III Boarding Marine
Chaos Dwarf Hellsmith
Skin Wolf
Imperial Enforcer with Mastiff

Empire Warrior Priest
Death Korps Quartermaster
Lodge priest
Minotaur Marine Hamath

Imperial Guard Navigator
 Chaos Dwarf Daemonsmith
Autilon Skorr Alpha Legion
Nârik Dreygur

Princeps Majoris
Legion Centurion
Knight Scion Standing
Azgorh Daemonsmith

Praetor In Cataphractii
Legion Praetor Tribune
Space marine librarian
Ultramarine legion herald

legion Primus medicae
Alfred lickspittle
Blood bowl refs

Ixion Hale

Grak and crumbleberry

Retro land speeder


Space Marine Captain
Le Chevalier Ermite de Malmont
  Da Gamezday Nob
Female Commissar
Space Marine Apothecary
Space Marine Captain
Black Orc Boss
Kroot Shaper
Champion of Chaos
Space Wolf Wolf Priest 
Archaon on Foot
Veteran Sergeant Aurelius
Daemon Slayer
Orc Boss
Space Marine Captain
Exalted Hero of Chaos
Chaos Sorcerer
Skaven Warlord
Space Marine Captain

Marco Colombo

Female Catachan
Dragon slayer
Chaplain Cassius
Iron Hands Iron Father
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The Red Gobbo
Necron warrior
Skaven Casualties
 The white dwarf
Chaplain Xavier
Ultramarine Primarch Marneus Calgar
Battle For Macragge
Primarch Leman Russ
Balins Tomb
Chrome Space Marine
Chrome Necrons
Aenur Sword of Twilight
Amon Sul
Mine field
Gríma Wormtongue & Saruman
Space Hulk
 Plasma Obliterator terrian

Assassinorum: Execution Force
Void Shield

Adeptus Mechanicus
Ultramarine Standard Bearer
Space Marines Iwo Jima Diorama
necron examination table

 Dwarf Lords of Legend
Eldar Harlequin Great
 bolt pistol
flashgitz freebooter ork
Skulz Orc bust
Imperial assassin
Space Wold Terminator
Dark elf head
Chaos Knight on Horse Back 54mm
Ogre Slavelord Braugh
 Troll Slayer. Dwarf v Troll 54mm
Wood Elf 54mm
Goblin boss
Space Marine Veteran
The white dwarf
White Dwarf in Space

White Dwarf Ancestor One Aviator
white dwarf pirate
White Dwarf Director
Grombrindal The Vampire Hunter

Grombrindal 40 years



Old LE models
numbered LE series
Le 1 Space orc
Le 2 Imperial Space Marine
 Le 3 Gumshoes
Le 4 Black Dwarf
Le 5 Psycohobbits
Le 6 Space Santa
  Le 7 Machine gun wizard
Le 8 McDeaths Caledonians

Le 9 Space Skeleton
Le10 Power Armour Marine
Le 11 Orc Chief and gaurd
  Le 12 Thrud
 Le13 Inconvenienced Dwarf
  Le14 tinman and oxy
Le 15 Chaos Amazon 
 Le 16 Sanity Claws
 Le 17 Chaos Toilet
Le 18 Blood bowl
Le 19 Thrud
Le 20 Complete Adventurer
 Le  21 Up The Wall Crew
Le 22 Orc Bazooka Crew
Le 23 Chainsaw Wizard
Le 24 Sleazy rider

Le 25 short Dwarf  and saw master

unumbered le items and rogue trader

Santa Dwarf
chaos santa
Dark Future Santa
fantasy zoat

Motley Maniac (Death Jester)
White Dwarf at 90
Christmas Marines
SFD Gaint Robots
White Dwarf Thrud with Axe

Le 101 Chaos Renegade Marnie
Le102 Traitor Legionaire
Le 103 Champion of Chaos
Le 104 Thrud Scratching head
LE1-4 1980's

Le 1 Hive Bratt Ganger
Le 2 Hive Bratt Ganger
Le 3 Clan Hive Ganger

Le 4 Space Marine Captain

series 1

Brother Holst
place holder
place holder
place holder

series 2

Brother Amadeon
place holder
place holder
place holder

series 3

place holder
place holder
place holder
place holder

series 4

Brother Gorgon
Brother Rhamiel
place holder
place holder

Command  tanks

Azgorh Daemonsmith

Mares pattern beta head
Errant Questor