Thursday, 7 February 2013

3D prints for warhammer

roman style sword and samurai

my own version on a bolter, chain swords and some bullet chains

same as above

ammo drum and some grenades

sniper and assault scopes

same as above

daggers, bayonets, laser pointer and silencers

same as above

Plasma gun and flamer

same as above

Combi melta gun under slung and on top

more grenades

plasma gun and melta guns

radio and power plant backpacks

roman style shield

combi plasma guns under slung and on top

same as above

my 3d prints were finished today and they look great will make moulds of them and make more. i used 3d Studio max to make the files and they are printed at the 16micon level in some sort of plastic

my vacuum chamber arrived a while ago and I made a fast mould of them but never got around to posting pictures the casts are almost perfect I need to add some more air vents or make a new mould of them at a slightly different angle

here is a picture of the mould that i made each gun only has a couple of air chutes and the bubbles are collecting in some areas of detail, so if i rotate the guns via 90 degree so that they are parallel to the ground the bubbles should raise upwards from the areas they get stuck at and if i add extra air chutes so there are 4-5 it should work

 above is the vacuum chamber and pump I am using it is a 4ltr a sec pump and a large chamber I cant remember the volume but it empties the air out in about 30 secs


  1. You should look at pressure casting to get rid of air bubbles. Depending on your vacuum chamber, you might be able to double it as a pressure chamber.