Monday, 6 May 2013

Warhammer papercraft model - scratch build - Thunderhawk Gunship

this is a project i have wanted to do for a very long time and have just got around to starting it. i will be cutting out pieces using my laser cutter

example of computer drawing
page one of laser cutting
starting to work on the cockpit now inside will have a detailed flight deck
the flight desk and the canopy comes of so that it can be painted easily and displayed once complete

the front nose is complete now
and below is the start of the mid section
with the middles engine complete i moved on to the wing engines and i decided that i hated doing the round engines so decided to rediesn them.

The finished model

A few weeks ago i made thunderhawk mk1 (above) and i decided back then i could improve on the design and i was going to do so, the last few days i have made another thunderhawk mark one to familiarise myself again and improved on it where i could on the fly (mostly efficentiency, structural improvements and mistakes in the plans)
and then redoing the plans where i thought large improvements could be made ready to make a thunderhawk mark 3 which is significantly different

This is the original mark 1 from several weeks ago

now the mark two (not complete at current)

This models improvements are 
  • reinforced crew compartment at front and merging the separate pieces of floor into one
  • side detail on the outer cockpit now present didn't fit on old model
  • top windows of cockpit
  • removed rivets in various places
  • removed various details at rear outside cockpit
  • simplified the general structure and extra reinforcement internally
  • changed how the lascannon mini wings attach
  • redesigned under belly engine to be same design as wing mounted engines
 Improvements made to plans ready for Mk 3
  • made the front crew area and middle of the ship one section with no join in the middle, and removed double walls (reduced materail needs by 20%)
  • improved the the design of the wings so the attach directly onto side and bottom of the thunderhawk and not onto a separate structure
  • more internal structure changes
  • removed some more rivets from undesirable places
  • this various other aesthetic details such as wind tips being to small


  1. could you please post the files for laser printing

  2. What brand of laser printer did you buy? I have been looking into doing this with a gaming group of mine. How easy was it to transfer the templates over to the printer?

    1. hello. its just a generic laser cutter, no brand or make on it. as for sending the patterns its as simple as printing a picture, you draw the template in coreldraw and then download it to the laser cutter, check that the material that is being cut is placed properly so that it doenst over cut and press Go. other programs like autocad work but i dont like that program.

    2. How much was the laser? My gaming group has been using patoroch templates for a while but this is the first time I've seen them lasered and applaud your great work. Any other tips?

      You can email me at

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  4. Hey,
    Any chance you might be willing to send out the templates that you used for this build?
    if so can you email them to compugamer35 AT

  5. Alexander Ilyn19 July 2013 at 19:36

    WOW! Can you share templates for Thunderhawk? Please email them to paladin_1344 AT

  6. Simply amazing! I wanna get that template from you as well, please!

  7. Hi,
    just wondering if you could send the corel draw file to me, amazed by your work, inspired that now I want to start to produce this stuff. don't have the tools but my college does, by the by producing one of these would make me estactic. after looking at your work I was wondering if you would like a skematic I found on how to build the games workshop fortress of redemption, you could make that into a file and produce it for your shop, just an idea for you as a thanks for sending the template.
    email is:
    once again thanks

  8. Awesome work man. I have a laser cutter too and this is very inspiring. It shows me what could be possible with it.

    I would love to build a thunderhawk for my Black Templars. Could you please post the files you used? Or I'm at


  9. Simply amazing. Is there a mak 3 on the way?I would love to have the pattern aswell if possible. Osman_naskali at yahoo com

    Im also working on a bastion/wall type of terrain. Im not too familiar with laser cutting. Could you give some pointers if i shared the file?

    1. mark three on that link, unfortunately i do not share the plans, blanket rule in afraid

      What format have you done the plans in? I could have a look for any mistakes, best thing to do if possible is to cut it out to find mistakes

    2. That is a shame. Well hope there is a mk4. They look awsome. Hm how do i pm you?

    3. Sorry and thanks.

      i don’t know if there will be a mark 4 i have made 2-3 mark 3 models and i can’t really find any more ways to improve on it.

  10. not sure if this thread is still active but im looking to make one of these myself and was wondering if there was any way that you would be willing to share the templates?

  11. I'm starting my own build as I just got a laser printer, files would be a great help - but just as useful, how did you make a smooth joint between the vertical side of the ship and the sloped top in the rear near the cannon? anything but 90degree angles look like garbage when I do them

    1. hello, i dont have the files any more, there is a gap in the joints just not very visible