Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Warhammer papercraft model - scratch build - Thunderhawk mark 2

A few weeks ago i made thunderhawk mk1 and i decided back then i could improve on the design and i was going to do so, the last few days i have made another thunderhawk mark one to familiarise myself again and improved on it where i could on the fly (mostly efficentiency, structural improvements and mistakes in the plans)
and then redoing the plans where i thought large improvements could be made ready to make a thunderhawk mark 3 which is significantly different

This is the original mark 1 from several weeks ago
Build log

now the mark two

This models improvements are 
  • reinforced crew compartment at front and merging the separate pieces of floor into one
  • side detail on the outer cockpit now present didn't fit on old model
  • top windows of cockpit
  • removed rivets in various places
  • removed various details at rear outside cockpit
  • simplified the general structure and extra reinforcement internally
  • changed how the lascannon mini wings attach
  • redesigned under belly engine to be same design as wing mounted engines
 Improvements made to plans ready for Mk 3
  • made the front crew area and middle of the ship one section with no join in the middle, and removed double walls (reduced materail needs by 20%)
  • improved the the design of the wings so the attach directly onto side and bottom of the thunderhawk and not onto a separate structure
  • more internal structure changes
  • removed some more rivets from undesirable places
  • this various other aesthetic details such as wind tips being to small

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