Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Warhammer papercraft model - scratch build - Warhound Titan

A new project making a home made titan from mdf using my laser cutter

This is the foot, made up from 9 parts.
one foot completed it is pretty big, dwarfing a rhino

This is the bottom part of the leg and armour

here is all the parts to make up the legs

 centre of the torso

 i have started to attach the legs parts together

 this is the order they fit together

 lots of tape to make sure everything stays still

the torso cam in handy here as it was the correct height to support the legs while the glue set

 legs built and set they are pretty strong

 the torso with the back generaters? in place


  1. Looks like a great start! Are you using a laser cutter to make this?

  2. you make this look so easy. never thought i'd do a warhound but your work inspires to do something up at some future time.

    1. glad to hear it, i hope your project goes well