Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Warhammer papercraft model - scratch build - Assault ram mark 2

 Warhammer papercraft model - scratch build - Assault ram mark 2

i am making a new version of the assault ram i made one about a year ago, using plasticard and it was hand cut.

this one is made from mount board a thick card and my laser cutter

 main body

 one of the side transport section

adding to the detail which is mostly build up in layers

 picture of the details on the sides

undeside details

 here we see where i am layering up the detial the edges arnt meeting  so i have smoothed them down abit and make added a pannel to the design to cover up this messy area

 pannel in place

 now the engines are in place you cant see any of the construction behind them

 same again in these areas the layering was looking messy so i have covered them up again

almost finished just needs a main cannon, the wings are stuck on with blue tac so they are drooped abit more then they should be

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