Monday, 19 October 2015

Army battleforce - Tau Ethereal Aun’Do

Army battleforce - Tau Ethereal Aun’Do
Infiltration Cadre Burning Dawn

A deadly hunt is unfolding in the ash-choked ruins of Prefectia - as the Tau Empire invasion gathers steam, a hand-picked squad led by Shadow Captain Solaq is tasked with capturing the Tau Ethereal Aun’Do. Pathfinder Shas’ui Starshroud has been sent into no-man’s land to rescue him, before he falls into the hands of the Imperium and his secrets - which could change the tide of war forever - are spilled forth for all to know.

This incredible box set includes nineteen plastic Citadel miniatures: a ten-man Pathfinder Team (plus three Drones); a TX4 Piranha, three XV25 Stealth Battlesuits (plus a Drone) and an Ethereal on Hover Drone. As well as this, you’ll find the thirty-two page booklet War Zone Damocles: Burning Dawn - the first instalment in the blood-soaked tale of the war for the Dovar System.

This booklet includes The Hunt For Aun’Do, the story of the Tau’s recovery of the Ethereal Aun’Do and Shadow Captain Solaq’s efforts to capture him; the Echoes of War, three missions depicting key conflicts during the hunt, and an awesome Army List featuring everything you need to field the included miniatures in games of Warhammer 40,000.

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