Saturday, 16 January 2016

Forgeworld - Knight Scion Standing

Knight Scion Standing
 oct - 12th november 2015
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Each noble within a Knight Household is a Scion, a warrior and bonded pilot of a Knight with their own traditions and glories to uphold. Each Household’s bloodline ranges from the Scions Aspirant, freshly raised up to command their armour in battle and wreathed in dreams of would-be glory, to the Scions Martial, the experienced fighters who make up their Household’s line of battle, to the upper echelons of the House who hold the traditional ranks of the Household’s command and who have already writ their own legends in battle.
This Knight Scion wears his pilot’s armour and carries his helmet under his arm. The helmet, perhaps crafted for him, or passed down through generations, is made in the image of the faceplates often found on Cerastus pattern Knights.
This is a complete resin model. It includes a 25mm round base.

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