Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Wargame-model-mods - stretch goals

stretch goals 

The first batch of stretch goals have also been added, these first ones are some small silos and containers that are found on the larger buildings. They are great scatter terrain and Kickstarter exclusives and will not be sold anywhere else but on here.

Stretch goal 5 has been added this is a tower that will fit on top of the majority of the buildings, and buildings you already have or can be used on its own. The roof is removable and it has sliding windows. The base measures 75x75mm.

Two new stretch goals that are very a interesting part of this project have now come to the surface. As you will have noticed a lot of the building have these large loading bay style door and some have the ring pipe attachment.
These are not just decoration but are attachment points for extra you cab add to the buildings.
The first two are being announced today they are the Landing pad and the Service line.

2 new addons have been added after requests for them.
A set of 20x crates from the depot perfect for making stacks of scatter terrain or adding to buildings.
A set of 2x bridges that can link the Smoke stacks, Fuel dump and Quad silos. they can be used on any building but specifically attached to these.

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